Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer Services

Water Services:

  • Water Turn On/Off
  • Water Mark-outs
  • Main Line Repair
  • Meter Installation
  • Cellar Valves
  • Water Quality

Sewer Services:

  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Sewer Mark-outs
  • Main Line Repair
  • Sewer Blockages
  • Video Inspections

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Public Sewer Customers

Please consider what you put down your sinks and toilets.

Paper towels, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, cooking grease, diapers, sanitary napkins, dental floss and any other paper, plastic or cloth materials contribute to sewer blockages and pump failures in the sewer collection system.

Blockages and pump failures can also lead to sewage backing up into homes, businesses and the environment. Sewer blockages create emergency work for DPW crews and increase operating costs.

According to the Department of Public Works sewer regulations, toilet paper is the only paper to be flushed. Any other material flushed is a violation of Westborough's Sewer Use Regulations and carries a penalty of not more than $5000 dollars.

Please help us keep your sewer flowing!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Josh Van Houten
Operations Manager, Water and Sewer Division

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