Westborough CARES

There are several groups and organizations in town who have been involved with helping Westborough families in need. As the level of need increased due to harder economic times, many of the individual groups were finding it more difficult to meet the needs of those seeking assistance.

The solution was for these local providers to combine efforts to more effectively coordinate resources and identify gaps in services. Thus, the creation of Westborough CARES: a collaboration of Forbes Kirkside Foundation, In Your Shoes, St. Luke's Outreach Program, Westborough Senior Center Outreach, and Westborough Youth and Family Services who provide Charitable giving, Advocacy, Referrals, and Educational Services.

If you or your family is in need of assistance, please feel free to contact any one of the Westborough CARES organizations or contact us directly at the contact information below.

We also know that many people like to donate to groups that directly benefit local families in need. To this end, Westborough CARES created a listing of local organizations that would benefit from your donations. Each of these organizations donates directly to Westborough families in need.

To contact Westborough CARES, email WestboroughCARES or email Youth and Family Services. You may also contact us via phone at 508-366-3090.