Dog Licenses

All dogs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must be licensed each year per MGL Ch. 140, Sec 137 & 137A. This ensures every dog has been vaccinated for rabies. The Town of Westborough Bylaws require each dog be licensed before March 31st each year. A fine of $50 may be imposed by the Animal Control Officer to any dog owner who does not license their dog in a timely manner per MGL Ch. 140 Sec 141. All dogs should be licensed by 6 months of age. New to town residents with dogs, should license their dog within 3 months of moving to town to help assist in locating a dog that may be missing. 


  • $15.00 Neutered or Spayed 
  • $20.00 Unaltered 
  • Free Dog owners 70 or older* 
  • Free Disabled Veterans* 

*This exemption of a fee does not preclude licensing the dog or providing a current rabies certificate in a timely manner. Proof of age and Veteran’s status is required. 

A late fee of $5.00/month is imposed after April 1st each year. Payments may be made on-line, however proof of rabies must be accompanied with the completed application form. 


Each year all residents receive a dog-licensing application with the annual street list/census form. You may complete and scan the application and provide a current rabies certificate along with your credit-card payment. The dog tag and receipt will be mailed to your home. 

Dog License Application


You may mail-in your dog licensing form and a copy of the current rabies certificate, along with a check made payable to: The Town of Westborough. Mail-in-license with credit card payments are NOT ACCEPTED (you must complete on-line in order to pay by credit card)

Pay for Dog Licenses Online Here