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Building Energy

The largest single source of Westborough’s GHG emissions (36%) are generated from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings which provide space heat from fossil fuels, primarily fuel gas or heating oil.  Reducing these emissions requires making buildings more efficient, particularly with respect to heating. Energy efficiency itself is not sufficient to reduce fossil fuel dependence. To achieve dramatic reductions, we need to electrify buildings in a strategic and cost-effective manner by converting fossil fuel systems with heat pumps, electric dryers and stoves.


Starting in January 2023, new building energy codes will be introduced in Westborough that will impact new residential and commercial construction as well as  major renovations and additions. These building codes will significantly reduce energy use and will provide incentives for building all electric buildings. State and federal rebates and tax incentives that lower the cost for these systems apply to new construction and equipment replacement.  For existing building owners, the best time to go electric is when an existing fossil fuel system reaches the end of its service life.  Sustainable Westborough will help the community take advantage of all of these programs as we navigate this complex transition.

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Mass Save Community First Partnership

Sustainable Westborough will promote adoption of Mass Save offerings including no-cost energy audits and rebates for heat pumps and other high efficiency solutions. We will be focusing on reaching the traditionally underserved parts of the community including low-medium income, households with limited English skills, renters and small business owners.


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