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Clean Electricity

Electricity generated by fossil fuels such as natural gas and purchased by Westborough businesses and residents accounts for approximately 28% of the community’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Widespread electrification of buildings and transportation services is expected to cause electricity demand to more than double by 2050; therefore, GHG emissions due to electricity generation must decline dramatically even while total generation increases.

State law mandates that electricity sold in the Commonwealth become cleaner over time. However, Westborough businesses and residents can reduce the GHG emissions associated with their own electricity use beyond what the state requires in one of two ways. They can install solar panels on their business or home to generate their own clean electricity. Alternatively, they can purchase electricity from a supplier that sells cleaner electricity than what the state mandates. Sustainable Westborough is helping Town Government lead by example.

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Assess the Cost and Feasibility of Installing Solar and Energy Storage on Town-Owned Sites

Solar panels provide electricity to the new Fales School. Sustainable Westborough is working with third parties to assess the cost and feasibility of installing solar and energy storage at other town-owned sites. In addition, we are working with partners in Town Government so that solar and energy storage is considered as part of new capital projects.


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