Clean Energy-Sourced Electricity

Westborough’s electricity supply should comply with the state’s Clean Energy Standard and be generated almost entirely from renewable sources by 2050.


Approximately 20% of the electricity currently consumed in Westborough is from clean sources. The balance of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels and it accounts for approximately 28% of Westborough’s greenhouse gas emissions. Converting to clean sources of electricity is a primary goal because of its potential to reduce Westborough’s emissions. This goal will ensure that Westborough does its part to help the Commonwealth achieve its objectives.



Sustainable Westborough has 5 strategies for shifting the town's electricity supply to clean-energy sources:

  • Facilitate participation in the SMART program

  • Build a renewable power generation facility for DPW water & sewer facilities by 2030

  • Participate in new technology pilot programs

  • Increase clean renewable power in the Westborough Power Choice program

  • Increase the Class 1 renewable sources in Westborough’s municipal electric supply

These volunteer-led projects also move Westborough closer to its Clean-Energy Source Electricity goals:

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Renewable power generation facility for DPW water & sewer facilities 

Review the Solar and Energy Storage Feasibility Assessment and develop a recommendation for Town officials.

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Electricity generated by fossil fuels such as natural gas and purchased by Westborough businesses and residents accounts for approximately 28% of the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity consumed in Westborough currently has about 20% Clean Electricity and produces 67,344 MT CO2e/yr. With the Massachusetts target of 60% clean electricity, Westborough’s emission would be reduced roughly by half to about 34,000 MT CO2e/yr if we meet that goal.


2021 Westborough Emissions



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