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Community Engagement

Sustainable Westborough is committed to working with all stakeholders in the community.  Success of our projects depend on the diverse talent and many perspectives of volunteers who work with town staff and elected officials.  Achieving the town’s climate goals, will depend on the thousands of individual members of the community to make climate sensitive decisions when they buy a new car or replace a furnace over the years and decades ahead.  For Sustainable Westborough, community engagement is a 2-way street, pulling together the insights and contributions of many volunteers and disseminating information from the state and others to the community to support them making decisions that benefit our climate.


We recognize that the time a volunteer can offer is limited by family and job commitments and other factors.  Our volunteer task on roles that fit their homelife and their interests.  Sustainable Westborough programs – Drive Green, Clean Electricity, Building Energy and Sustainable Living – need support from people with varying interests and backgrounds.  Please complete the Volunteer form to learn more.  The Community Engagement team is responsible for resources like this website, a monthly newsletter and events such as our annual Energy Fair and EV Expo.  Creative, collaborative, passionate volunteers welcome!

Green Communities Climate Leader Program

​The Town of Westborough has the opportunity to be among the first communities to be designate a Climate Leader community by the Massachusetts Green Community Program.  The framework for the program has been announced with details to follow.  When Westborough completes the 5-7 criteria required for this designation, the community will receive grant money that support programs to reduce greenhouse gases such as those defined in the Westborough Climate Action Plan.   Activities are just starting.


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