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Drive Green

Westborough’s transportation sector accounts for approximately a third of the town’s total greenhouse gas emissions, 86% of which are from personal cars and trucks burning fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel).  In order to reduce greenhouse gasses which have been proven to contribute to climate warming, the United States is taking steps to reduce the use of fossil fuels.  Beginning in 2035, in Massachusetts, as in several other states, only electric vehicles will be permitted for new vehicle sales.


There are several actions Sustainable Westborough is taking to help our town take best advantage of Electric Vehicles (EVs).  These include community awareness events to help people understand the many EV buying options available.  Another critical component of this program is strategic planning for public access to EV charging stations as well as outreach to large apartments and condominiums for the establishment of charging options.  Sustainable Westborough also works with the town as we plan to electrify the municipal fleet vehicles.

Detailed Information on EV Charging in and around Westborough can be found here.


Electric Vehicle Expo

The Get Charged Up Regional Expo is an annual Westboro event providing attendees an up close experience with electric vehicles (EVs). Participants have an opportunity to speak with knowledgeable EV owners, sit inside and sometimes even test drive an EV. Previous Expos have had over 30 EVs including cars as well as trucks. Volunteers are needed to help organize and run this Fall event. Click here to learn more about the 2022 EV Expo.



Want to help Westborough grow its EV population? 

Have questions about how to do that?

Looking for events related to EVs and Electric Charging?

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