Energy Efficiency

Implement energy efficiency measures to achieve a 10% reduction (2017 baseline) in the energy consumed within new and existing buildings by 2030.


There are two ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

  1. Increase the thermal efficiency of the building envelope (walls, windows, door, and roof) 

  2. Reduce electricity consumption by upgrading electric lights, home appliances, and environment control systems. 

Improvements to building envelope will reduce energy consumed for space conditioning (heat & cool) will save the property owner’s utility costs and reduce GHG emissions. The investments a property owner makes to thermal efficiency will increase the building’s readiness for full electrification when fossil fuel systems reach the end of their service life. The installation of smart home technologies further reduces energy consumption via control systems that manage living environments based on the habits and preferences of the occupants. 



Sustainable Westborough has three strategies to improve building energy efficiency:

  1. Promote the utilization of State or Utility funded programs that reduce the homeowner or renters cost to implement energy efficiency measures (i.e. Mass Save)

  2. Assist Westborough’s largest GHG-emitting Commercial & Industrial businesses to participate in State or Utility funded energy efficiency programs

  3. Set an example for private property owners by improving the energy efficiency of Westborough municipal buildings.



Building Heating accounts for approximately 36% of the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Massachusetts established a target for the building sector of 48% reduction in GHG emissions below the 2017 level by 2030. Westborough will also lower the annual GHG emissions in its building sector by 48% to about 45,500 MT CO2e by 2030.  This target will be achieved through Building Electrification and Building Energy Efficiency.




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