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Winter electricity savings from Westborough Power Choice

Peter Dunbeck

Dec 6, 2022

What to know about winter electricity supply price increases:

National Grid’s electricity supply prices have increased significantly in Massachusetts for the fall and winter. It is normal for Massachusetts electricity prices to increase each winter as cold-weather heating demand drives up the price of natural gas, which is the primary source of fuel for our electricity grid. However, this year’s increase has been particularly steep because of a number of factors, including the global energy crisis that is being fueled by the war in Ukraine.

On November 1, National Grid’s Basic Service price for residential customers increased from 11.491 ¢/kWh to 33.891 ¢/kWh. This price is used to calculate the Supply Services part of the electric bill, and it will remain in place through the end of April.

Westborough Power Choice is providing protection:

Electricity customers in Westborough that are currently enrolled in Westborough Power Choice, the Town’s electricity program, will see no increase in their electricity supply price. The price for Westborough’s Standard Plan will remain at 10.425 ¢/kWh through November 2023, which means a savings of $160 per month compared with National Grid’s price for an average Westborough household.

While most program participants are enrolled in Westborough’s Standard Plan, which provides an additional 20% renewable electricity (MA Class I RECs) over and above the minimum required by the state, the program’s other two options also provide protection from National Grid’s upcoming rate increase:

• Westborough’s 100% Green Plan will remain at 12.585 ¢/kWh, providing 100% renewable electricity.
• Westborough’s Budget Plan will remain at 9.709 ¢/kWh, providing the minimum amount of renewable energy required by state law.

All Westborough Power Choice prices are fixed until November 2023. At that time, new prices will take effect that will reflect the electricity market at that time.

Westborough Power Choice has already saved residents and businesses $7.7million since its launch in February 2016. This winter, the Town anticipates that the program will save Westborough electricity customers an additional $8.3 million. However, it is important to note that while Westborough Power Choice is providing savings through April 2023, future savings cannot be guaranteed because National Grid’s prices will change in the future and their future prices are not known.

In addition to providing protection from National Grid’s winter prices, Westborough Power Choice is also helping the community to take big a step toward its sustainability goals. The renewable electricity purchased through the Westborough Power Choice program reduces the town’s carbon footprint by 12 million pounds of CO2 per year compared with electricity that includes only the minimum amount of renewable energy required by state law. This reduction is equivalent to removing more than 1,100 passenger cars from the road for one year or eliminating the electricity use of more than 1,000 Westborough homes.

To confirm participation or enroll:

Most electricity customers in Westborough are already enrolled in Westborough Power Choice. Electricity customers can confirm enrollment by checking the Supply Services portion of their National Grid electricity bill, which appears after the Delivery Services portion of the bill. For customers who are enrolled in Westborough Power Choice:

• The electricity supplier will appear on the bill as Dynegy - Westborough Power Choice Aggregation.
• The price used to calculate the Supply Services charge will be a Westborough Power Choice price, expressed in dollars: 0.10425 for the Standard Plan, 0.1258 for the 100% Green Plan, or 0.09709 for the Budget Plan.

Participants in Westborough Power Choice are free to move between program options at any time with no fee or penalty.

New electricity customers in Westborough that have recently opened their electricity account and have National Grid’s Basic Service are encouraged to enroll. However, it is important to note that:

• Any customer who previously opted out of Westborough Power Choice and now wishes to enroll is not eligible for the program price and will instead be offered a higher market price for the remainder of the current electricity supply contract.
• Residential and small business customers with private electricity supply contracts may enroll in Westborough Power Choice at the program price. However, some private contracts have termination fees.

Enrollment questions and requests can be submitted or by calling customer support with the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-483-5004.

Other steps you can take to manage energy costs:

National Grid has launched a Winter Customer Savings Initiative (,-National-Grid-launches-the-Winter-Customer-Savings-Initiative-to-provide-options-to-manage-costs-and-secure-assistance/) which includes a new website ( and fact sheet that outlines ways in which customers can help manage their bills and seek assistance.

In addition, a no-cost home energy assessment from Mass Save for your home or businesses can help you identify ways to reduce your electricity use by making your home more energy efficient. Through the assessment, you can learn more about the state incentives available for making energy efficiency efforts more affordable. Mass Save home energy assessments are available to all electricity customers in Westborough, whether they rent or own. Information about obtaining a no-cost home energy assessment from Mass Save is available from

Information about Westborough Power Choice is available at

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