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Westborough's Climate Action Plan

In 2019, Sustainable Westborough began collecting and analyzing community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data. This research, along with detailed strategies to reduce emissions, formed the 2021 Westborough Climate Action Plan. The plan sets goals for the town to mitigate global climate change, and identifies which community and individual actions will have the greatest impact. 

Our Plan

Step 1

Collect data

Description of building GHG emissions inventory.

Step 2

Research Options

Description of best practice research.  

Step 3

Prioritize Strategies

Description of how you chose most important strategies. 

Step 4


Description of where you are now in the process. 

ghg emission(2).jpg
Where do Westborough's emissions come from?

Knowing the sources of our emissions helps us understand which sustainability strategies will have the great impacts.

Businesses and residents create greenhouse gas emissions, and both these sources were included in our estimates. 

More information on our estimates and calculations is in the  Westborough Climate Action Plan.  

GHG emission sources (2021):

Building Heating





Waste, Land and other sources



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