Sustainable Living

Beyond GHG reduction, Westborough will strive to become totally sustainable by reducing the community’s environmental impact of all facets of life.


The natural environment provides mechanisms for sequestering carbon, mitigating stormwater runoff, and improving water and air quality.  Trees and wetlands also lowering cooling costs for shaded buildings and elimination of heat islands and in general enhance the aesthetics and vibrancy of the community.  Protection of open space and growth of our natural environment support all of these benefits and also providing physical and mental health benefits to residents.

Westborough’s environmental footprint includes the solid waste generated by disposal of household and commercial trash.  Westborough has an exceptionally high waste rate per resident.  Today this waste primarily disposed of through an incinerator that generates unhealthy airborne pollution and GHG emissions.  The community can reduce this environmental impact by diverting compostable organics matter and recyclable materials out of this incinerator stream into environmentally sustainable alternatives.

In additional to Transportation Electrification, Westborough work creatively to reduce single vehicle transportation through expanded bike and pedestrian access and use of mass transit options.  These reduce emissions, lower costs and improve personal health.



Sustainable Westborough has 5 strategies for improving Sustainable Living:


  • Improve Public Transportation Options

  • Improve Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure

  • Protect and Expand the Natural Environment

  • Educate and promote sustainable landscaping and tree canopy

  • Expand adoption of composting recycling by residents and schools

Key state programs we are adopting and driving:

These projects are led by Sustainable Westborough and other town committees with the support of others in the community:



Develop strategies and policies for expansion of tree growth as well as maintenance and enhancing the urban canopy within Westborough. 


In the future, unique tracking metrics will be established on a project-by-project basis to verify that the environmental footprint of the community is being reduced. 



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