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Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Living Program is working to introduce and update our sustainable habits. Using our time, energy and voices to spread sustainable practices we are bringing awareness to our shared environmental responsibility.

The program's focus is to minimize waste by moving towards a circular economy helping address Westborough's waste problem.  Following up on recent plastic reduction bylaw changes,  the Sustainability Program is continuing to seek plastic pollution solutions. In addition, the program seeks to encourage planting trees and sustainable landscaping which utilizes our own backyards for a healthier environment.

Tree Conservation

Join us in our Tree Conservation project and help to make a positive impact on the environment in Westborough. We are currently seeking a new champion for this project, which is focused on increasing the number of trees in the community through planting and maintenance efforts.  By participating in this project, you can help to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more beautiful and sustainable community for everyone to enjoy.


Want to help Westborough become a more sustainable community? 

Have questions about sustainable living goals in Westborough?

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