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Westborough's EV Charging Station

The Town of Westborough is pleased to offer electric vehicle charging ports for public use. The two level 2 ChargePoint stations are located in the parking lot of the Westborough Golf Club at 121 West Main Street. Each of the two pedestal units can charge two vehicles at a time.

The fee is $0.28 per kWh. These fees will help offset the cost of the electric supply and ongoing maintenance costs of the charging stations.

To use these ChargePoint charging stations, you will need to create an account at and either use your mobile phone or have a ChargePoint keycard sent to you.

Electric Vehicle charging stations are an important component to reducing energy consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The Town installed the charging stations using a Green Communities grant to provide electric vehicle charging options to town residents and visitors.

The charging station was installed by Voltrek LLC of Lawrence, Massachusetts. More information on this project are available here.

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