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EV Charging around Westborough

Electric Vehicle charging stations are an important component in the reduction of energy consumption and in the lowering of the carbon pollution associated with the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel.  In addition to home charging stations there are an ever increasing number of accessible public charging stations in the greater Westborough area.

Sustainable Westborough identified a number of EV charging stations both in the town of Westborough as well as in the surrounding towns.  This list is available here. Most stations have multiple ports, allowing multiple vehicles to charge simultaneously.  Most EV chargers are Level 2 AC or Level 3 DC fast chargers with the following characteristics:

Level 2 AC
Level 3 AC Fast Charger
Charging Time
Approx. 25 Miles per hour
180 - 240 miles per hour (charge speed slows after 80%)
7 - 9 kW
50 - 350 kW
40 Amps Typical
> 100 Amps
208 or 240 VAC
480 VAC typical

Among the publically available chargers are the two level 2 stations installed by the Town of Westborough in the parking lot of the Westborough Golf Club at 121 West Main Street.  The usage fee for these chargers offsets the cost of the electric supply and maintenance costs of the charging stations.

To use these ChargePoint charging stations, you will need to create an account at and either use your mobile phone or have a ChargePoint keycard sent to you.

The charging station was installed by Voltrek LLC of Lawrence, Massachusetts. More information on this project are available here.

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